IKV Innovative Kunststoffveredelung GmbH

IKV – Innovative Kunststoffveredelung GmbH is a company that strives for innovation in plastics. The story of IKV started with the development of an innovative technology of handling carbon blacks in the manufacturing of black master-batches, initially based only on PET and PBT carriers.

With their innovative technology every single carbon black molecule is coated with polymer. This results to an even dispersion of carbon black within the masterbatch and prevents degradation processes of the polymer. What’s more, all this without any additives like dispersion aids, waxes or co-polymers.

Their core products are suitable for fine denier and dtex polyester fibers, for mono and multi filaments, BCF carpet yarns and spun bond. Furthermore, they produce high quality standard types for other applications like injection molding or manufacturing of films and foils.

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